ISVs Show Support for Linux Standard Base

The Free Standards Group (FSG) has announced significant ISV support for the Linux Standard Base (LSB), including pledges from industry-leading software vendors such as BakBone Software, IBM, Levanta, Lymeware, MySQL, Novell, Oracle, UGS, VERITAS and others.

The FSG also announced it has greatly expanded its member roster with the addition of over a dozen new members. The LSB helps software vendors target the Linux platform in a cost effective, low risk manner. It also helps ISVs funnel their input to the Linux distribution industry, creating a more stable and robust process for both Linux distributors and Linux ISVs. This is crucial for the on-going success of Linux as it simplifies the development and porting of applications by ISVs. By supporting the LSB and LSB-compliant distributions, application vendors can save millions of dollars by utilizing a clear set of standards in their development efforts. Distribution vendor support also ensures Linux will not fork and will continue to be the fastest growing operating system in the industry.