New Version of Mandrakelinux Clustering Announced by Mandrakesoft

Mandrakesoft has announced a new version of its intensive calculation solution, Mandrakelinux Clustering. The product is designed for research laboratories and other computing-intensive industries and provides major updates such as Infiniband support and version 2.6 of the Linux kernel by default. Mandrakelinux Clustering offers unrivaled methods and tools for easy installation and administration of the system, making it a complete solution for deploying powerful calculation systems with a wide range of uses.

The product is available in both 64-bit AMD Opteron and Intel EM-64T versions, with low latency and high bandwidth made possible by the use of high performance connections between nodes. Mandrakelinux Clustering now supports Voltaire Infiniband, in addition to SCI connections. The product can be quickly installed using PXE network initialization technology and a full deployment is possible in only a few minutes with the help of Clusterscripts and Ka-deploy utilities. URPMI - the Mandrakelinux package management system and dependency resolver - is parallelized to allow automated software updating of all nodes simultaneously. To guarantee an optimal user experience, Mandrakelinux Clustering provides a graphical environment along with numerous administration tools which allow the Cluster administrator to add and remove nodes with a single click, create virtual partitions, assign users to partitions, and graphically configure the entire system.

Graphical monitoring of the system is performed via a dedicated tool named "Ganglia". Mandrakelinux Clustering offers the ability to use two separate network interfaces, thereby allowing the ability to separate the administration network from the computing network. The price of Mandrakelinux Clustering solutions - including product and support - is dependent on the number of deployed nodes and selected support options. Core versions of the Mandrakelinux Clustering solutions are also available at You may request sales assistance by contacting clustersales at mandrakesoft dot com.