Kubuntu Preview Release: A New Distribution for Desktop and Server

The Kubuntu team is excited to announce the preview release of their first distribution. Kubuntu is a new distribution that uses the solid base of Ubuntu and the stunning KDE 3.4 desktop. It is a KGX distribution for the desktop or server that includes all of Ubuntu and comes with the latest KDE. Kubuntu is part of the Ubuntu community and it uses their infrastructure and support. Their mission is to be the best KDE distribution available. This preview release includes the latest KDE 3.4, which brings many improvements including the excellent KPDF reader, advanced groupware support in Kontact Personal Information Management Suite and Kopete instant messenger plus HAL support for removable media. We also include the feature packed amaroK 1.2 music and Kaffeine 1.5 video players. The releases will be supported for at least 18 months after release.