Aethera: A New Level of Modularity in PIMs

Aethera is a PIM, Email and optional communication suite for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

It breaks with tradition in conventional PIMs and brings a new level of modularity and vision to the paradigm. With Aethera you aren't tied to a particular operating system or desktop technology. In addition to email, calendar, contact list, sticky notes, it optionally has plugs for Jabber instant messaging, Whiteboarding and VoIP, these are priced at just $9.95 each and provide unique collaborative capability from within Aethera that is more immediate and real time than just typical groupware, which we also support. The major issue in this release is full support for Mac OS X and enhanced support for the Kolab groupware project. Here are some highlights of this release: I. What's new: Groupware (Kolab1, Citadel) Aethera can now use empty Shared Folders (Kolab1 compatibility). Jabber chat logs can be saved in Notes Shared Folders (Kolab1 compatibility). General Sound support for notifications, you can use the autodetect mode or just choose your player.

Sound support can be disabled if you want to hear only your music :). More translations available (Greek support in progress). The current supported languages are French, German, Russian and Portuguese (BR).

II. Improvements and fixes: Datebook ICAL format support has some fixes. The automatic saving option works now. The sound option for events alarm works now.

It is using the new sound support. Removing a calendar with Delete key isn't possible anymore. Addressbook VCARD support is reading/importing both VCARD2 and VCARD3 data format and it exports data only in VCARD3 format. In this way more people will be able to import their old contacts in Aethera. The support for phone field is fixed (even as a SIP type). The Kolab support is better too.

The contacts view list is using alternative background for a better visibility. Windows support The ability to view/open attachments or the help files in Windows XP (SP1, SP2) is fixed. Aethera is a free GPL application, you can download it and distribute it to your hearts content. The plug ins are available for prices as low as $9.95 per module.