Penguin in the Pew: A Guide for Christians to Switch to Free and Open Source Software

The popular e-book, "Penguin in the Pew", which has been downloaded by thousands of Christians around the globe is now available in print through The original e-book book inspired many Christians to switch to free and open source software and helped fuel the growth of a collaborative community. The new edition is greatly expanded and revised, and challenges Christians to consider ethical issues involved with software licenses. Penguin in the Pew clears up the confusion about the terms "free" and "open source", addresses the challenges of hardware compatibility, software interoperability, and whether a migration is really more expensive than an upgrade. Readers will learn why and how they should migrate to the GNU/Linux operating system. Additionally, Penguin in the Pew connects readers to the growing community of Christians who use, develop and provide technical support for GNU/Linux and other free and open source applications. The book's author, Don Parris, invites fellow Christians to join in a dialogue where the GNU/Linux "philosophy" and Christian values intersect. The original version of Penguin in the Pew (1.0), distributed via the Internet in PDF format, has been downloaded thousands of times from Pastor Parris' ministry website (, inspired a number of churches to migrate to GNU/Linux, and has helped fueled the growth of a community of other like minded Christians interested in the using and promoting GNU/Linux.

It has been translated into French, with Spanish and German translations in the works. The title comes from the Linux mascot, a penguin named "Tux", and is also released under a license from the Creative Commons (, that allows for a level of sharing and collaboration similar to the philosophy behind free and open source software. More and more individuals and organizations have been discovering and turning to free and open source software as an alternative to costly Microsoft and legacy software in use today. The browser, Mozilla Firefox, and, the office suite, are supplanting Microsoft's offerings in many businesses, government, and non-profit agencies. Still, many are unaware of the existence of alternatives to proprietary software. Penguin in the Pew introduces the Christian community to free and open source software in general, and specifically to GNU/Linux.