Mandriva Acquires Assets from Lycoris to Develop New Linux Desktop Product

Mandriva, a publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux distribution, has announced an agreement to purchase several assets from Lycoris, a major North American Linux distribution for home users. As part of this agreement, Lycoris' founder and CEO Joseph Cheek is joining Mandriva to develop a new and advanced Linux desktop product. Lycoris has established a solid reputation for developing easy-to-use and friendly operating systems targetted to the consumer market, with products such as Desktop/LX, which is often considered a realistic and affordable competitor to Windows and MacOS operating systems. Mandriva, which was one of the first Linux distributions to care about the desktop and user experience from its inception, is looking to accelerate the development of its desktop technologies by partnering with Lycoris. The joint plan is now to develop a new product that will be the convergence between Mandriva's Discovery product and Lycoris Desktop/LX. Joseph Cheek will head the program that will drive these two projects.