MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test02 Now Available for Public Testing

MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test02 is available for public testing via the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and public mirrors.

Look in the 'testing' subdirectory. For up to 30 days, please send feedback to This version of MEPISLite includes MEPIS' new Desktop OnTheGo application. Desktop OnTheGo is a completely redesigned successor to the MEPIS Traveller Disc.

With Desktop OnTheGo, you can take your desktop everywhere a compatible version of Linux is available, including running from CD. The MEPISLite version of Desktop OnTheGo does not support AES encryption. Technalign offers a modestly priced retail product, they call TAFUSION MEPIS ON THE GO, which is based on MEPISLite with the Traveller Disk feature. They are in the process of updating to a new version of MEPISLite with Desktop OnTheGo. For more information, please contact Erin Melbert at About MEPIS LLC was founded in 2003 by industry veteran Warren Woodford, to fulfill his personal desire to have a version of Linux that was easy to try, easy to install, and easy to use. Today MEPIS offers a growing portfolio of innovative Linux desktop, server, OEM, and custom solutions for home users, businesses, hardware vendors, and vertical market solution providers.