Linbox Rescue Server Improved with Optimized Image Creation Feature

Linbox has improved its Linbox Rescue Server (LRS) to allow for optimized image creation of systems with LVM 1 or 2 layers, including Redhat, Fedora Core, Suse, Mandriva distributions.

The optimized mode only requires used sectors of the disk to be cloned, saving time and disk space for backup/restore. The Libre/Free version supports Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, and LVM v1/v2, while the proprietary version adds FAT and NTFS. Linbox will make the code of the proprietary version open once investment cost has been amortized through selling licenses. A self-installable ISO is available for trying new features as soon as they are available. LinboxFAS is a French Free Software pioneer company since 1996.