Squish Integrates Valgrind Memory Debugger

froglogic GmbH has announced the availability of support for the Valgrind memory debugger in the GUI test tool Squish for Qt and XView. Squish is a leading GUI test tool that allows easy creation, recording, editing, debugging, and running automated tests in scripting languages like Python, Tcl, and JavaScript. The new add-on for Squish enables users to execute tests by running the AUT (application under test) through the Valgrind memory debugger. The results from Valgrind are added to Squish's test result log of the test run, and the Squish IDE offers a GUI frontend to inspect the Valgrind log. This integration provides automatic memory debugging and profiling for Linux programs, making applications more stable and reducing memory usage. The add-on is available at http://www.froglogic.com/squish/addons.