RICIS Joins Scalix Global Partner Network to Offer Linux-based Email and Calendaring Software

RICIS, a leading Linux and email consultancy based in Chicago, has joined Scalix's Global Partner Network to offer its retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government, non-profit and education customers Linux-based email and calendaring software. RICIS installs and supports the technology infrastructure of businesses and organizations with its expert team of Linux professionals and a network of highly qualified resellers and consulting partners that make email servers and services a main focus. The company has been working with Linux since 1996 and specializes in Linux installation, infrastructure and email systems, with a unique focus on security.

RICIS has previously been the largest reseller of SUSE LINUX Openexchange (now OpenXchange). The firm was attracted to Scalix's award-winning email and calendaring software, in large part due to Scalix Web Access, the industry's most advanced AJAX web mail client. According to RICIS, there is a growing demand for Linux email. "We're finding that many more clients are interested in Linux-based alternatives to Microsoft Exchange," said Gregg Rosenberg, RICIS' chief technology officer. "They don't want to be locked into an infrastructure from a single vendor and are drawn to Linux email for its scalability, reliability, availability, serviceability and cost-effectiveness. ",