2.0: A New Era for Productivity and Open Source 2.0 is a productivity suite that has been highly anticipated for two years. It is easy to use and interoperable with other office suites, making it accessible to individuals, governments, and corporations around the world. The new version includes a powerful database module, advanced XML capabilities, and support for the internationally standardized OpenDocument format.

This allows users to be productive members of their society and eliminates the fear of vendor lock-in or format obsolescence. is available in 36 languages and can run natively on various platforms. The community behind it includes Sun Microsystems, Novell, Red Hat, Debian, Propylon, Intel, independent programmers, translators, writers, and marketers. The City of Vienna has recently started deploying throughout its 18,000 workstation users. The new version also includes improved PDF support, a superior spreadsheet module, enhanced desktop integration, and several other features that take advantage of its advanced XML capabilities. For more information, please refer to the Press Kit at