VA Linux Releases Open Source Anti-SPAM Software for MTAs

VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. (VA Linux) has announced the release of 'SMTPGuard', an Open Source, anti-SPAM software for MTAs that can eliminate unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) flexibly. SMTPGuard is a part of 'VA FMS' (VA FlexMessaging Solution), VA Linux's total messaging solution. The software collects information acquired in SMTP sessions such as IP addresses, MAIL FROMs, RCPT TOs or their patterns and the number of times of appearance. It then calculates weight points based on user- designated set of rules, and tells MTAs to perform appropriate actions such as denying mails, delaying answering sessions, sending warning e- mails to the administrators and so on. SMTPGuard has already been used on mail systems for Japanese ISPs with over 100 million accounts, and highly acclaimed by their users as an outstanding anti- SPAM solution. VA Linux expects many feedbacks by releasing its source code to the public, which make SMTPGuard more stable and reliable. The software is released on the FlexGuard Project page at ( and VA Linux has already done ITP (Intent To Package) and committed the SMTPGuard package to Debian GNU/Linux, thus Debianized SMTPGuard package will be available from the official Debian archive within weeks.