MEPIS Project Celebrates Third Birthday with Release of SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 rc1

The MEPIS Project is celebrating its third birthday with the release of SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 rc1.

The new version includes Xorg 6.8.2, KDE 3.4.2, OpenOffice 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Thunderbird 1.0.7, and Skype The latest MEPIS kernel is the DCC version of 2.6.12-10 which has enhanced builtin hardware support. The MEPIS pool contains the SimplyMEPIS packages that deviated from the Debian Etch pool as of the freeze date of 11-15-2005. This includes the 2.6.12 SMP kernels and third party apps packaged by MEPIS, but not Debian, for example AcrobatReader. Users of earlier versions of SimplyMEPIS can get help with updating to the latest version by contacting the great people at the MEPIS forums at and For more information about MEPIS and SimplyMEPIS, please contact Erin Melbert or Jenny Baker