Trolltech Releases Qtopia Phone Edition 2.2: Empowering Manufacturers to Develop Fully Converged Linux-based Mobile and Wireless Devices

Trolltech has released Qtopia Phone Edition 2.2, a Linux-based Voice over IP (VoIP) software solution for mobile and wireless phones and converged media devices. The platform allows designers and manufacturers to develop feature-rich phones and other mobile and wireless devices while maintaining complete control of branding and the user experience. Qtopia Phone 2.2 includes performance improvements, enhanced user interface, multimedia and internationalization functionality. It is a turnkey application platform that lets manufacturers deliver IP telephony on Linux-based devices. The latest version of Trolltech's application platform for Linux devices also features support for dual displays, additional SMS and email functionality, live MP3 streaming, and improved media player performance. Qtopia Phone 2.2 is available from Trolltech starting immediately.