KDE 3.5: The Complete Free Desktop Environment

The KDE Project is happy to announce a new major release of the award-winning K Desktop Environment. Many features have been added or refined, making KDE the most complete, stable and integrated free desktop environment available.

Notable changes include improvements in the user interface, productivity tools, and development platform. The KDE project consists of hundreds of developers, translators, artists and other contributors worldwide collaborating over the Internet. KDE provides a flexible, component-based, network-transparent architecture and powerful development tools, offering an outstanding development platform. Reflecting its international team and focus, KDE 3.5 is currently available in over 80 different languages. KDE, which is based on Qt technology from Trolltech, is working proof that the Open Source 'Bazaar-style' software development model can yield first-rate technologies on par with and superior to even the most complex commercial software.