Mandriva Hosts Worldwide Install Party for Linux Community

Mandriva, the number one European Linux publisher, is hosting a worldwide install party on Saturday, November 19th to gather its community of users across the globe.

The event will take place in more than 60 cities, including a dozen in China and 15 in Brazil. Mandriva Linux is being increasingly preloaded on computers by leading hardware manufacturers due to its ease of use. In order to help beginners get started with the operating system, expert Mandriva Linux users are invited to assist at the installation parties. Participants will be able to get help on installing Mandriva Linux, view demonstrations of all that can be done with Mandriva Linux, get answers to their questions, and meet other Mandriva Linux users. Mandriva Linux 2006 is the result of the convergence of three leading Linux technologies and offers the ultimate in Linux for a wide array of computing requirements such as office, multimedia, Internet and servers. It is the only Linux system to be officially compliant with Intel Centrino mobile technology and to offer complete integration of the Skype free voice calling over Internet software. Other key features include desktop search, interactive firewall and auto-install server functionality. Mandriva Linux is available in three editions: Discovery/Lx (for the Linux beginner), PowerPack (for the advanced computer user) and PowerPack+ (for SOHO users).