Easy Migration from Windows to Linux with Versora's Progression Desktop

Versora and Linspire have announced the release of Versora's Progression Desktop for Linspire, an easy-to-use migration tool that allows users to transfer e-mail, files and settings from their Windows machine to a Linux machine. The tool uses a 'Click-Next-Next-Finished' interface and is available to Linspire CNR subscribers for a special introductory price of $14.95 and to CNR Gold subscribers for $9.95 through January 31, 2006. The tool makes setting up a Linux computer easy by migrating information from Windows XP programs such as Microsoft Outlook to the equivalent Linux application (such as Mozilla's Thunderbird or Evolution). It also migrates settings from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Microsoft Word files to OpenOffice.org, and Instant Messenger buddy lists to the Linux IM client Gaim. The tool will be available via the CNR Warehouse, an innovative software library available to Linspire users for downloading and installing software programs with one click.