Uniqall releases version 1.2 of its flagship Gridborg HMP Server

Uniqall has released version 1.2 of its flagship Gridborg HMP (Host Media Processing) Server, which features SIP, T.38 Fax Relaying, web-based GUI, improved multi-user support, and support for the latest Envox 6.2 Communication Development Platform. The Gridborg HMP 1.2 is available for free download and evaluation from the Uniqall web site.

Boris Pavacic, CTO of Uniqall, Inc., stated that this new version represents an important step in their strategy as the market turns to Host Media Processing (HMP) and that Uniqall is a significant player in this playground. The Gridborg HMP 1.2 includes support for multiple users, each residing within its own realm with its own resource limitations and separate root directory, which prevents heavy loaded but less important applications from eating all resources needed for mission-critical ones. The GUI is based on AJAX and runs from within the Gridborg HMP embedded web server. Fax capabilities are also improved, including support for T.38 Fax Relaying, making the Gridborg HMP completely transparent to fax traffic when it sits in the middle between two T.38 enabled endpoints. The Gridborg HMP 1.2 is free for developers for development purposes and free for educational and other non-commercial use within educational institutions. For other commercial and non-commercial purposes, it is priced $490 per processor or $20 per concurrent port, whichever is lower. All upgrades within the 1.X branch are free for all existing customers. The Gridborg HMP 1.2 is available with support for both Windows and Linux operating systems.