Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server: Consolidating Windows Desktops from Linux Servers

Win4Lin, a leading provider of desktop and enterprise Windows-on-Linux solutions, has announced the immediate availability of their new product, Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server (VDS). The product allows organizations to consolidate and serve multiple Windows Desktops from Linux server infrastructure. It provides a seamless way for businesses to bring legacy Windows applications to Linux while preserving their application investment. The features of Win4Lin VDS include integrated virtual machine hosting, centralized management and provisioning of users, renewable windows, support for multiple remote display choices, and more.

The product is popular in the retail, education, and health services industries due to its ease in supporting legacy Windows applications while migrating to lower cost operating system infrastructure. Win4Lin VDS serves Windows applications to network-connected users using Linux server infrastructure while providing all the advantages of consolidation and central management. Linux Servers are more cost effective, more secure, and more reliable than other server operating systems. The product is a natural complement to Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, as Win4Lin allows customers to fully leverage an end-to-end Linux infrastructure without giving up access to their legacy Windows applications. It also provides a stable, secure, and manageable solution for businesses in transition regarding their IT infrastructure and applications. The product is priced at $125 per user with a minimum configuration of 20 seats. Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is available immediately for a free 30-day evaluation.