LPI announces Haansoft as Master Affiliate for Korea

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announced Haansoft Corporation as its Master Affiliate for Korea, which is a key component of LPI's Regional Enablement Initiative in North East Asia. Haansoft Corporation is the leading Linux company in Korea and has been recognized by LPI for its deep roots in both industry and government sectors in Korea and its leading reputation as a developer of Linux-based software in South Korea. The relationship between LPI and Haansoft will emphasize that LPI is a widely-accepted global Linux certification and lead to the greater adoption of LPI as a professional IT standard in Korea. Haansoft has proven its technical excellence in Linux by securing a NEIS (National Education Information System) project, which is one of the largest Linux deployment projects in the world. LPI's certification program is delivered worldwide in seven languages at over 7,000 testing locations and is supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents. LPI's milestones in the last year include more than 100,000 exams delivered worldwide, more than 30,000 professional certifications delivered worldwide, and the world's first IT certification to receive professional accreditation.