ObjectWeb Consortium Member eXo Platform SARL Introduces Powerful Enterprise Content Management Software

ObjectWeb Consortium Member eXo Platform SARL has announced the availability of the first complete open-source content management and repository solutions that allow users to create, manage and store documents from a customized, single point-of-access Web portal.

The newly available capabilities - eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and eXo Java Content Repository (JCR) - make it simple for IT developers to create Web portals for document collaboration and information sharing. The software is integrated as part of ObjectWeb code base. With the addition of eXo Platform to ObjectWeb's portfolio in November 2004, the consortium added a web application suite layer to its extensive roster of open-source middleware components, which includes: JOnAS, the first non-commercial open-source application server to be certified compliant with J2EE(TM) 1.4; Bonita, an enhanced workflow engine; and SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence Free Platform. Today this suite is growing with a strong ECM layer. The project development of the Venice District news portal has been carried out with success using eXo Portal and the new eXo ECM and eXo JCR components. The full source code of eXo Platform is available for download from the ObjectWeb web site (http://www.objectweb.org/) under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and can be embedded, modified and/or redistributed freely under the terms of this license.