Technalign Launches TaFusion MEPIS Linux Frontier

Technalign, Inc. has started shipments of TaFusion MEPIS Linux Frontier, the next generation of TaFusion MEPIS Linux that is Ubuntu based.

The company also announced that they would start development of the 64-bit version of the operating system to be followed by their Enterprise Server offering. Although Frontier was scheduled for release in September, MEPIS development occurred faster than initially expected. Frontier is designed to be a simple to use system based on Ubuntu.

The previous version, Version XI, was Debian based. A test drive is available from the Technalign download server located at, which is not installable but allows individuals to test and run the software off a live CD. There are several versions of Frontier available which include the OEM, Simply and the PRO DVD. Each product is bundled with a CrossOver Office Standard trial. Other bundles include full CrossOver Standard and Professional. These bundles allow companies to run Microsoft Windows application. The base system comes with a 2 CD set instead of the single CD in Version XI.

A product upgrade is also available for those wishing to move from the OEM or Simply. Technalign has established a Partner network nationwide to allow companies and individuals to obtain full support. Partners are now in every state in the United States and some locations in Canada. Full training is being implemented for all Technalign and MEPIS products. Training is planned to be ISO and ETI certified. The training courses will be piloted in Colorado on the Western Slope. Testing for certification will be completed worldwide and is yet to be announced. Warren Woodford, CEO of MEPIS, LLC, stated that they are working closely to build an excellent customer relationship model. The ability of a consumer or company to obtain support services is paramount in this industry.