Scalix Corporation Announces Open Source Strategy and Roadmap

Scalix Corporation, a leading Linux email, calendaring and integration platform company, announced that it will turn its popular Scalix Community Edition free software product into an open source project. The company will contribute major parts of the source code of the Scalix platform to the community, allowing more options for porting, localization, enhancements and further integration options with other systems. Scalix Community Edition Open Source will consist of the Scalix Server, a new web services API platform for application integration, the Scalix Installer, the Scalix Administration Console, Scalix Web Access Mobile and new search and indexing services, as well as Scalix Ready open source components. The open source project will be based on Scalix's upcoming major release of their commercial enterprise product family, scheduled for community preview in August 2006. Phased release of open source components will continue through March 2007. Scalix has built a strong user community with more than 2,000 active members and more than 35,000 downloads of Community Edition since the free product was released last August. The software is used to run more than 10,000 email servers supporting over one million users and includes an AJAX-based web client and robust Outlook support.