MySQL Wins Benchmark Contest for Fastest E-commerce Database Application

Germany's c't Magazine Names Open Source Database the Benchmark Winner over Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Others Munich, Germany -- August 28, 2006 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, announced today that its internal benchmark team has won an international contest sponsored by the renowned IT industry magazine c't for the fastest e-commerce database application. The magazine's editors held the contest to evaluate database performance in real-world business use by creating a standard online inventory system.

The MySQL DVD online store was able to process 3,664 orders per minute (opm). If a second computer had been used, the figure would have gone up to 6,000 opm, showing that MySQL is highly suitable for business use. c't draws additional conclusions: "MySQL is obviously by far the most popular database among developers.", More than half of the solutions submitted were created using MySQL. No database product by any other manufacturer was listed more than once among working solutions. Of the well-known brands, DB2 Express (1,537 opm) and Oracle Express (1,412 opm) placed seventh and eighth. Fellow open source database PostgreSQL ranked thirteenth, with 120 opm.

MySQL AB will be holding two European customer conferences in London and Munich in October 2006 -- featuring special presentations on MySQL performance tuning. For more information, please visit

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