OpenVZ Releases Kernel Build for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 with Enhancements

The OpenVZ project has released an operating system-level server virtualization software in the form of a kernel build for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4), with enhancements that provide users with additional flexibility.

The new features include the ability to call virtual environments by designated names, set the number of processors available to specific virtual environments, and support for virtual Ethernet devices. The OpenVZ software release includes checkpointing and live migration capabilities, as well as virtual Ethernet device support. The new kernel software can be downloaded from the OpenVZ website and users can access helpful installation instructions from the OpenVZ wiki. The OpenVZ project is an open source software that promotes operating system virtualization through a collaborative, community effort. It has been very active with the user community since going into full production late last year, with more than 5,000 message posts on its support forum and over one million hits to its website in April. The OpenVZ software is supported by SWsoft and can be used as the basis for the SWsoft Virtuozzo virtualization software product.