OpenVZ Now Incorporated into Debian GNU/Linux

The OpenVZ project has announced that its operating system-level server virtualization software technology is now incorporated into Debian GNU/Linux, giving users full access to OpenVZ software and increasing server utilization rates. The OpenVZ software conforms with the LSB/FHS (Linux Standard Base/File Hierarchy Standard) and has been revised to comply with the Debian Free Software Guidelines. This is an important milestone in delivering open source virtualization software to the user community and large base of Debian users, as it represents another step towards gaining adoption as part of the mainstream Linux kernel and other distributions.

OpenVZ is a server virtualization technology that creates isolated, secure virtual environments on a single physical server, enabling greater server utilization and superior availability with fewer performance penalties. With the power of modern CPUs from both Intel and AMD, hardware is often underutilized. Virtualization technology allows the server to be effectively split into many small ones, each running its tasks so that the whole server is utilized more efficiently. Debian users can now provision physical servers to run applications on virtual servers, rather than a full physical server. The OpenVZ project makes available Debian templates that allow for almost instant provisioning of a virtual server. This is a huge benefit for the Debian user community, as it results in improved utilization rates and saved money.