Technalign, Inc. partners with A & G Computers to offer affordable Linux-based computers

Technalign, Inc. has partnered with A & G Computers in New York to provide a 64-bit AMD +2800 computer for under $300. The certified system will include a SATA 80 GB hard drive, CD-RW, 256 MB of DDR2 533 memory, PCI Express support, and a full OEM copy of the newly released Frontier Operating System.

The system also supports 4 USB 2.0 ports, and 6 channel surround sound. More advanced configurations are available. A & G Computers laptops and desktops will be preconfigured running the latest TaFusion Frontier Linux, powered by MEPIS. The system will include (a full office suite compatible with Microsoft Office files), Internet browsers, Thunderbird mail client, and CD/DVD burning software, to name a few. The configurations on both the laptops and desktops include an extras CD to allow installation of additional applications and utilities. Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technalign, Inc. stated that this new offering will allow companies and individuals on a tight budget to purchase fully configured systems that meet their needs.

The laptop provides the ability to get portability at a low cost. A & G Computers computers are manufactured and shipped directly by A & G Computers, based in New York. All desktops are fully certified by Technalign for Frontier and are compliant with industry standards. The desktops come with a factory warranty and with either a one- to three-year component manufacturer warranty, while the remanufactured laptops come with 90 days.

All laptop batteries are new or re manufactured to meet original OEM specifications. A & G Computers offers optional service contracts as well as advanced hardware configurations. John Getchell of A & G Computers states that consumers, as well as businesses, are demanding more solutions as the market grows. Their laptops and desktop systems provide companies with additional options at the lower ends, while they can also meet the demand at the high-end. Warren Woodford, CEO of MEPIS, LLC stated that this option gives users the ability to choose more options; something that was needed in the community. With a prices starting at $199, individuals and companies can get systems at very reasonable prices.