Pardus 2007 Beta Released with Improvements and Fixes

Pardus developers have released Pardus 2007 beta with numerous improvements and fixes on the desktop, package management system, installer, and software. The latest beta version of Pardus Linux, codename 'ATA', is now available for download and testing. Some highlights of Pardus 'ATA' include 2.0.4, KDE 3.5.5, YALI installer 1.1 beta7, and a range of entertaining games, educational software, desktop publishing packages, digital photography software, and painting applications. Pardus 'ATA' is designed for desktop users, developers, Linux enthusiasts, and hobbyists and has its own GUI and console-based package manager written from scratch with Python to enable one-click download from software repositories. Additionally, Pardus has incorporated its own Python-based init system and configuration manager, which can identify user roles in the system. The press release encourages users to immediately install Pardus beta by downloading from Pardus servers or using a LiveCD to see Pardus in action without installing on the hard disk. Pardus is developed by the Turkish National Scientific and Technological Research Council.