Open Country Releases OCMTM Provision 4.0: The Most Flexible System Provisioning, Cloning, and Business Continuity Solution on the Market Today

Open Country has released OCMTM Provision 4.0, a comprehensive provisioning solution that can remotely install Windows operating systems, create clones of Windows and Linux systems, and improve business continuity with its new disaster recovery capability. The software targets Windows-only, Linux-only, and mixed Windows/Linux environments and allows IT personnel to simultaneously provision thousands of Linux and Windows desktops, servers, blades, and appliances. OCM Provision 4.0 is the most flexible system provisioning, cloning, and business continuity solution on the market today, running on both Windows and Linux. It offers hardware-independent OS installation capability as well as cloning for rapid deployment of complete system images to identical hardware.

The software also makes hardware and software testing and QA labs more cost-effective by facilitating the rapid repurposing of physical and virtualized environments and allowing tested configurations to be captured and redeployed at a later time, reducing labor costs and elapsed time to repurpose an entire lab. Corporate IT departments can use OCM Provision 4.0 to enable network-based, bare-metal provisioning of target systems, rapidly and consistently. The software also provides key features for system recovery that minimize downtime, including the ability to create exact disk images (clones), including operating systems, applications, and configurations and store them off premises. After a system crash, OCM Provision 4.0 can be used to perform a full bare-metal system restore from an image or install the operating system onto replacement hardware. Combined with OCM Webmin Plus' enterprise grade backup and restore capability, Open Country offers the most comprehensive business continuity solution on the market today.