New Forum for Open Source Initiatives in India

A group of individuals from the Linux/Open Source community have come together to constitute the Forum for Open Source Initiatives in India (FOSII).

The forum aims to provide a platform that acts as a neutral environment to pursue common agenda by combining and sharing resources, provides an opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and organizations, and is a meeting-ground where any conflicting stances can be resolved. FOSII is kicking off its activities with the announcement of holding LinuxAsia 2007, Asia's premier Open Source conference and exposition in New Delhi from January 31 to February 2, 2007. The theme for the LinuxAsia 2007 convention will be 'innovations in the field of open source to help develop pro-poor technologies and thus bridge the digital divide'. Linux and Open Source software are rapidly changing the landscape of IT in India and the whole world. Indian industry, academia and the government have started acknowledging Linux and open source as a viable alternative to high-cost computing solutions and yet maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. Today, open source solutions are being developed on nearly all of India's major languages and are cost-effectively meeting a broad range of economic and social needs. The meet aims to bring together persons from various backgrounds, who are stakeholders in the agenda to make India a superpower in the field of open source innovations, the way it has become for software services. The organizers hope that over the years it would promote innovation in development that will bring the benefit of technology to the poorest of the poor.