IMDS technology delivers breakthrough performance in benchmark test

McObject's eXtremeDB-64, a 64-bit in-memory embedded database, has pushed past the known boundaries of in-memory database system (IMDS) scalability and performance. The benchmark results obtained on a 160-core SGI Altix server running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 9 from Novell at Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE), at the Research Park of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, has important implications for organizations that are augmenting their IT infrastructure with new high-performance systems for time-sensitive, data-intensive tasks. These activities range from business intelligence to geospatial analysis, pharmaceuticals research and telecommunications routing. The benchmark results indicate that IMDS technology meets the scalability requirements of this new category of application, and delivers dramatically faster query, join and subquery performance than is possible using on-disk databases. It also shows IMDSs can leverage the multi-core architectures becoming common in companies, university research labs, and government, with nearly linear scalability performance from a single processor core up to 160 cores.