McObject releases eXtremeDB Fusion: The Best of Both Worlds

McObject has released eXtremeDB Fusion, a hybrid embedded database system for Linux that combines the strengths of on-disk and in-memory approaches to data management in a single database system. This unparalleled flexibility enables developers to tailor data management in order to optimize applications for speed and persistence, while taking advantage of the most cost-effective and physical space-conserving approaches to data storage. eXtremeDB Fusion's on-disk features are uniquely configurable, including three levels of transaction logging, developer-specified maximum database size, ability to save and re-use database cache across sessions, and physical implementation of the database in just one file. This new product is a logical next step in McObject's philosophy of putting the developer in charge and fine-tuning database storage modality according to the exact speed, footprint, and other requirements of the operating environment and target system.