AussieChix: A New Chapter for Women in Computing

The worldwide LinuxChix community welcomes its latest chapter, AussieChix, on International Women's Day. Following on the heels of Frances E. Allen being the first woman ever to receive the prestigious 'Turing Award,' AussieChix aims to highlight and encourage women in computing. While the organisation has a key interest in free and open source software (eg Linux, Firefox and the focus of the group is to show women in computing that they are not alone. AussieChix has emerged from the amalgamation of the Sydney and Melbourne chapters of LinuxChix, and throws open its doors to women across Australia. AussieChix is not an exclusive club - far from it. It is free to join, and the only requirements are 'Be polite, be helpful.' (Which makes us sound like the new millennium version of the Country Women's Authority - next, a virtual lamington drive!) AussieChix is a fun and encouraging environment, inclusive and conducive to networking. For beginners, administrators, programmers and hobbyists. Chix should click on or google 'aussiechix.'