Palamida Expands Compliance Library with Over 6,200 New Open Source Projects

PalamidaTM, a leader in software intellectual property management solutions and audit services, has expanded its compliance library to include over 6,200 new open source projects while adding support for the popular Python programming language. The Palamida Open Source Repository weighs in at 3 Terabytes of data, representing the current OSS projects collected by the company. This massive store of information is then distilled into an efficient, searchable dataset, or 'compliance library'. The compliance library provides superior detection of open source software products and associated licenses, as well as copyright and trademark information. Palamida's flagship product, IP AmplifierTM, relies on the compliance library during code base scans to identify software intellectual property concerns. The company's customers include Avaya, Cisco Systems, EMC, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, among others.