UndoDB gets support for threads and signals

UndoDB, a reversible debugger for Linux applications, has received support for threads and signals. The tool allows developers to pause a running program and inspect its state at any point in the past, giving them much more information to help diagnose bugs. UndoDB is different from traditional debuggers because it records everything that the debuggee program does, down to the finest detail, and presents this data using a powerful metaphor: the ability to travel backwards in time (and forwards again) and inspect the program state. The tool is useful because it gives the user control over time, allowing them to reason backwards from the point of failure to determine the cause of that failure. UndoDB uniquely enables reversible debugging of arbitrary Linux binary programs, including those written in C or C++. It requires no recompilation or other modifications to the program being debugged, nor does it require any specialized hardware, kernel patches, or kernel modules. UndoDB uses the ubiquitous gdb as its front-end, so Linux developers will feel right at home, and be productive the moment they get started. The tool is available now from http://undo-software.com/.