PikeOS now available for AMCC 440 PowerPC family

SYSGO AG has released a PikeOS port for the AMCC 440 PowerPC family, which joins ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux for AMCC 440 & 405. PikeOS is SYSGO's trend-setting paravirtualization real-time operating system that supports heterogeneous software architectures and multiple operating systems and run-time environments. It offers a powerful, modern, and more versatile operating system paradigm for real-time applications. The PikeOS partitioning system provides the highest available level of safety and security. AMCC is a global leader in network and embedded PowerPC processing, optical transport and storage solutions. With the availability of PikeOS for the AMCC 440 processor family, users will have an operating system to match the high performance levels of the 440 processors.