SYSGO Ahead of North American Commercial Vendors in Linux for Intelligent Devices Survey

SYSGO was ranked first among commercial embedded Linux suppliers in the recently-published seventh annual Embedded Linux Market Survey. This survey also showed Linux continuing to grow as the dominant embedded OS for 32 and 64-bit designs (approaching 50%), and that over 60% of developers surveyed look to commercial suppliers for support and service. While the poll also indicated that less than a quarter of developers today build on commercially-sourced platforms, respondents indicated an increasing preference to 'buy' vs. 'build'. In concert with these trends, SYSGO was highlighted as the leading choice for new designs based on commercially-sourced embedded Linux, ahead of long-time brand leader MontaVista, with over twice the share of embedded industry heavyweight Wind River. European-based SYSGO launched its US presence earlier this year at the West Coast Embedded Systems Conference, making the results especially impressive when compared to entrenched North American commercial brands.