Technalign Pioneer Explorer 1.0 Released

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of Pioneer Explorer 1.0 after extensive internal and Partner testing. Pioneer Explorer is the initial release of it's operating systems based on Technalign Trailblazer. Trailblazer is Technalign's framework utilizing all the best of development in Open Source. With the release of Pioneer Explorer; users in business as well as the consumer markets have the potential to continue to use a product with a long life expectancy on the server as well as the workstation.

The current lifecycle of the Basic repositories in use today have a limited timeline and the need to increase the timeline was apparent. Pioneer Explorer provides more wireless support as well as flyspary for bug tracking. The new repositories are made up of Debian Etch and Sid as well as Canonical's Feisty. As Explorer grows, there will be less and less of Ubuntu and more pure Debian.

WinModem support will also be provided via the repositories along with other demanded applications, drivers and utilities. Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technalign, Inc. stated, "We needed to move into a direction that provided our end-users the longevity they needed with a base that provides the means to carry out that task.". Ursini adds "With the Technalign Trailblazer Framework, Pioneer Explorer utilizes the best of Debian in the short and long terms". The new Technalign Trailblazer framework will bring Pioneer Basic, Stagecoach and MigrationSERVER to a 5-year lifecycle that has been demanded by our partner network as well as the end-user. With additional resources now coming out of the Universities, Technalign has the ability to carry out the much needed management of the repositories. Source code is also available via the repositories. You can learn more about Trailblazer on the Technalign corporate site. Technalign requests that any community members report bugs or requested enhancements on the forums or on flyspary (recommended).

Pioneer Explorer is free to individuals, Schools, and Nonprofit organizations wanting to run an enterprise server, while commercial establishments will be required to purchase a copy and receive full support. About Technalign Technalign is a leading distributor and manufacturer of Linux and Linux software. Technalign has partnerships with Appgen, Codeweavers, Happy Jack, Userful, and others. For more information on Technalign and it's products please visit,, and