MySQL AB and Zimbra Announce Scale-Out Partnership

MySQL AB announced that Zimbra is using the MySQL database to deploy millions of email accounts as part of its rapidly growing open source messaging and collaboration system.

The campaign is live at Zimbra is a leader in open source, next-generation messaging and collaboration software, supporting over 8 million paid mailboxes across tens of thousands of organizations. They chose to build their solution on top of proven, high-quality open source components including Linux, Apache, MySQL and Ajax. The modular architecture enables horizontal scale-out of the server and databases, which is crucial for high-growth enterprise-scale deployments. Zimbra's 'Growing' Challenge was to build a truly modern and innovative messaging and collaboration application cost-effectively delivered on premise or on demand, as Software as a Service (SaaS).

To be successful, they built a system that would scale to meet the needs of businesses with hundreds-of-thousands of users -- and service providers with millions, and even tens-of-millions of users. MySQL is featuring Zimbra today as part of its 'Twelve Days of Scale-Out' educational initiative. Each day from June 11-22, the MySQL Web site will be highlighting how many of the world's fastest-growing companies -- such as Zimbra -- are using the MySQL database to cost-effectively scale-out their successful online businesses. The campaign is live at