NEPOMUK-KDE: A Sea Change in Linux Desktop Experience

On the occasion of aKademy 2007, Mandriva is proud to announce that the NEPOMUK-KDE project it leads is poised to deliver a sea change in the Linux desktop experience. The NEPOMUK-KDE framework introduces semantic capabilities to the upcoming release of the K Desktop Environment (KDE 4), providing an interoperable framework that can be harnessed by all KDE applications to allow annotating and interlinking any and all desktop objects. Building upon existing standards and open source technologies, the NEPOMUK-KDE framework is the first desktop-wide semantic system to become a reality. The framework provides rich application programming interfaces allowing for content annotation using well defined relationships between the information elements and for advanced content search from any KDE application. KDE Dolphin - the new KDE file manager - and KDE PIM - an application suite for managing personal information - count among the early adopters of the innovative NEPOMUK libraries. Mandriva is also leading the implementation of similar features on top of the Eclipse RCP and the Mozilla XUL frameworks, and it is teaming up with XWiki and with the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology to design a community semantic help desk with rich desktop extensions and P2P capabilities that will bring the knowledge sharing process within the Mandriva community to a new level of efficiency. The NEPOMUK project is funded under the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme. For more information on NEPOMUK visit the official website.