Technalign Releases Pioneer Explorer 1.0 Release Candidate 1 with New Live Kernel and Improved Look and Feel

Technalign, Inc. has released Pioneer Explorer 1.0 Release Candidate 1. The new release features a new live kernel, improved wireless support, and the addition of Intel WinModems to the kernel. Pioneer Explorer is nearing completion of its fork from Canonical and brings changes to the repositories that are completely Technalign maintained.

The Programs folder is near completion and will contain all the required tools. Dianne Ursini, CEO, stated that the community will enjoy a longer lifecycle and a rock solid operating system with this release. Technalign expects to start the next stage of the project with a new interactive installer that will allow individuals to customize their build with additions of Video Drivers and other drivers, utilities, and applications. The repositories based on Debian Etch and Sid along with some Canonical applications, utilities, and drivers that are expected to be replaced as Technalign moves toward building its own set of packages. The forums at and the bug tracking system at are available for community members to provide feedback and report any bugs. Pioneer Explorer and Renegade, which is expected to be released in the next several weeks for testing, are community versions of Pioneer Linux that are free for use by Nonprofit, Community, and Educational users. Commercial and Government users should use Pioneer Basic. For any questions, please contact Technalign at 877.884.5010 or internationally at 1.307.460.4144.