Technalign Announces Release of Pioneer Basic Linux 3.0 with 7-Year Lifecycle

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of the Pioneer Basic Linux 3.0 distributions that include the Basic workstation, MigrationSERVER, and Stagecoach, the combined workstation and server. All Pioneer products are being maintained by Technalign for a period of 7-years.

The 7-year lifecycle will provide companies a stable release of the operating system for many years to come. All Pioneer Basic products run off a LiveCD that allows individuals to load the CD and test the workstations and servers before installation. As with all current Technalign operating system releases, each operating system includes a KDE desktop.

Those wishing to remove the desktop on MigrationSERVER may do so at will. The new servers, both MigrationSERVER and Stagecoach, continue to support Webmin for a graphical interface and SSH. The new servers include all Technalign repositories maintained by Technalign.

The new repositories established for the server are now entirely based on Debian and will continue to be maintained throughout the product lifecycle by Technalign. Pioneer Basic 3.0 Workstation includes many new functions over previous releases and will continue to be improved. New 3.0 releases will be based on Release Packs over the duration of the lifecycle when updates become too overwhelming.

Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technalign, Inc. stated, "Our end-users and partners have been requesting a longer lifecycle since our inception and with Technalign now maintaining its own set of repositories we can meet those requirements.". Ursini adds "Pioneer Basic now concentrates solely on Debian while creating the repositories.". When first installing any Pioneer 3.0 Linux products, users will have the ability to run Basic with the Explorer repositories.

This will allow both community and commercial users to test the system before purchasing product. Once a serial number is entered into the registration system, the system will allow access to the Pioneer commercial repositories. Community members are encouraged to run Pioneer Explorer 1.1 or Pioneer Basic without registration. Companies may download the Pioneer 3.0 line from

Those requiring support during an evaluation period should use the Pioneer Linux forums located at, or use the Knowledge Base at Companies may also contact Technalign directly at 877.884.5010 or internationally at 1.307.460.4144. About Technalign Technalign is a leading distributor and manufacturer of Linux and Linux software. Technalign has partnerships with Linux Canada, Codeweavers, Happy Jack, Bynari, and others. For more information on Technalign and it's products please visit,, and