Nexedi releases ERP5 Express: The world's first hosted solution for an open source ERP

Nexedi, the creator of ERP5, and ERP5 International partners have released ERP5 Express, the world's first hosted solution for an open source ERP to the public. Small organizations can leverage the power of ERP5 in less than 5 minutes for 15 € per month with hosting, configuration, support, and a knowledge database included. ERP5 Express customers may later evolve towards the ERP5 Enterprise solution and meet growing business needs or complex requirements. ERP5 is the only ERP that can follow a company from its early stage until it becomes a blue chip multinational without requiring any complex data migration. It is a future-proof investment due to its use of open data formats and Open Source technology. ERP5 has been used by a central bank as well as in the aerospace industry, apparel industry, government agencies, and hospitals to implement complex projects.

Its abstract model and innovative technologies made the difference in competitive bids against famous proprietary solutions and are now copied. With scientific publications in IEEE and O'Reilly, ERP5 is definitely the most advanced open source ERP/CRM. With ERP5 Express, ERP5 is now also the easiest ERP to start with. Nexedi offers free training to the first 10 early adopters and extended support during 6 months to the next 10 adopters of ERP5 Express as part of their debut campaign.