Pioneer Explorer Released with KDE 4.0 and KDE 3.X; 3-year Lifecycle Announced for Pioneer Explorer

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of Pioneer Explorer workstation RC 2 and Pioneer Basic workstation final.

The workstation uses a Live CD that allows the end-user to test the workstations before installation. Pioneer Renegade and Pioneer Explorer are both community editions to test changes before they are made to Basic. The latest release of the Pioneer Explorer RC 2 uses KDE 3.X and 4.0 as the interface.

Users may select KDE 3 or 4, providing the ability to test and use 4.0 as desired. Another notable correction has been the network interface under system tools identifying the release has been corrected. Since the Explorer releases have now moved to a 3-year lifecycle, Pioneer Warrior has been announced to fill the void for the short lifecycle and testing requirements of the Pioneer line. Pioneer Basic final includes many corrections from the Release Candidate and does not include KDE 4.0. Pioneer Basic is Technalign's 7-year product lifecycle and provides support in a boxed product. The Pioneer Basic product is recommended for all users who want a stable platform.

Pioneer Basic utilizes the Pioneer Explorer repositories until registered. Bryan Christensen, lead developer of Explorer, Renegade and Warrior stated, "We needed to get Explorer to the next level for the community with the addition of KDE 4.0.". Christensen adds "Pioneer Explorer provides the CNR client while Renegade, Warrior or Basic do not.

We believe it's all about choice in the community and the Pioneer Explorer, Renegade, Basic and Warrior lines provide many choices for the communities.". The Pioneer Explorer workstation comes with the LinSpire CNR client preinstalled. Those not wanting the CNR client may use the Pioneer Basic release of the operating system. No decision has been made on CNR for inclusion on the Pioneer Basic products at this time. Pioneer Warrior will be available in GNOME only per the wishes of the Pioneer communities. Pioneer Warrior has been in use at Technalign for the past year, and the community leaders have been requesting it be released to the community.

Since Warrior will replace Explorer as the short-term test product, Warrior will maintain a shorter lifecycle with the first release based on Debian only. ",