Zmanda Announces Support for Ubuntu in Amanda Enterprise Edition

ZmandaTM, a leader in open source backup and recovery software, announced that its Amanda Enterprise Edition now supports Ubuntu.

This makes it the first enterprise backup software available for this popular distribution of the open source Linux operating system. Amanda Enterprise for Ubuntu gives users an affordable, robust backup and recovery solution built on open standards and delivered as open source software. The solution adds enterprise features, usability, security, technical support, and vendor accountability to make Amanda a cost-effective, powerful solution for protecting critical corporate data. With Amanda Enterprise, Ubuntu users can backup and protect servers and desktop computers running Ubuntu as part of an intelligent network backup system, easily set up a single server to back up multiple networked clients to tape, disk, and optical devices, write backups to tape and disk simultaneously, use any device supported by an operating system with Amanda, recover data with native utilities regardless of whether Amanda is installed, visually monitor their backup process and create formatted reports through the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC), and more. Amanda Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu is available today as part of a paid subscription to the Zmanda Network that includes certified and pre-compiled software, technical support, knowledgebase access, software updates, and security alerts. Zmanda also offers a Community Edition of Amanda, which can be downloaded at The company is offering a special promotional Amanda Enterprise bundle now through December, 2007 that includes one Amanda Enterprise backup server license and five backup client licenses of any operating system (Linux, Windows, Solaris). For more information about Amanda Enterprise, please go to