Pioneer Basic and Explorer Release Final Candidates

Technalign, Inc. announced today the release of the final release candidates of the latest versions of Pioneer Basic and Pioneer Explorer. Pioneer Basic has a 7-year lifecycle while Pioneer Explorer is geared towards people who require a stable operating system in the community without support.

Technalign is announcing that the Explorer line will now provide a 3-year lifecycle, while it's new Warrior release will take the place of Explorer as the new test bed. Pioneer Stagecoach includes both a full workstation and server functionality and is a perfect learning tool. The current final release candidates all use KDE, which has a simpler interface for Windows users to transition to Pioneer. It is expected that Renegade will be released early next week with a Gnome interface to meet the community demand for a different interface. No decisions have been made as of yet to include the Gnome desktop as a Basic offering wrapped with support.