Technalign releases Pioneer Basic workstation final with corrections to issues reported by the communities

Technalign has released the Pioneer Basic workstation final with corrections to issues reported by the communities. The workstation uses a Live CD that allows the end-user to test the workstation before installation and maintains a 7-year lifecycle. Those running previous versions of Pioneer Basic only need to run the updates to bring them up to the current version. Changes in this version include the problem with the scripts in the programs folder, allowing people to see the content of the installation after completion of the installation. Additional wireless drivers have again been added to address the latest drivers.

The networking issues have been resolved to correct the DHCP problem not displaying the address and DNS issues that caused DNS servers not to be identified. Other changes include the installer being optimized as requested by community members. Other reported issues have also been corrected and Technalign believes that this version is what people have been requesting.

This version has also been tested with older PIII 450 systems and up, and should run on those older systems with at least 256 meg of memory. The development of Pioneer Basic will be the next major release expected in the next six months. Those running Pioneer Basic systems should continue to run updates and the need for a fresh installation is eliminated. It is expected that Pioneer Explorer and Pioneer Renegade, the GNOME desktop version, will be released before the end of the year.

The new community editions will include more eye candy than expected on most GNOME and KDE based systems. Companies may download the Pioneer and Pioneer Basic from Those requiring support during an evaluation period should use the Pioneer Linux forums located at, or use the Knowledge Base at

Companies testing Pioneer may also contact Technalign directly at 877.884.5010 or internationally at +1.307.460.4144. About Technalign Technalign is a leading distributor and manufacturer of Linux and Linux software. Technalign has partnerships with Linux Canada, Happy Jack, Bynari, and others. Current projects include VoIPTelCaster, IP Phone System, and Pioneer Electricity, a cross-platform compatibility project. For more information on Technalign and it's products please visit,,, and