Automatix and Technalign Release New Repositories for Pioneer Project

Automatix and Technalign have released the first set of repositories for Pioneer, a new Debian derivative project.

The repositories are setup in three different sections including Cowboy for free as in free speech and free beer software, Cowgirl for free as in free beer but not as in free speech software, and Wrangler for commercial software. Automatix has been recommended by the New York Times as a must have for Linux and currently is installed on approximately 1.9 million computers. The company is moving into new directions with Technalign including the new Automatix3 project that will be announced shortly on the new site. Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technalign states that the assistance from Automatix has been excellent in assisting in the direction of Technalign's community projects. The companies welcome any contributors to join in the new projects listed on the pages.