Technalign releases new versions of Pioneer Basic and Stagecoach, introduces PCs with Intel processors and partners with Wintergreen Systems for the Indiana Computer 1:1 Program project

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of the Pioneer Basic 3.1 workstation, Stagecoach 3.1 the combined server and workstation, and it's enterprise server MigrationSERVER 3.1. These workstations utilize the KDE desktop and run off a Live CD for users to test before installation. The new releases maintain the 7 year lifecycle and those running previous versions of Pioneer Basic will be able to run the update manager to bring them up to the current version.

All known and reported critical bugs have been repaired in this final release. Technalign has also begun to offer PCs with Intel processors starting at only $199.99. Technalign is offering a $199.99 or $289.99 PC available with support from their Partner network in the US and Canada.

The main difference between the two PC's will be the choice between a Intel Celeron 420 or Core 2 Duo processor. Many Partners will also be able to assist with installation or a data conversion from customers old systems to Pioneer. Businesses are offered the ability to have full conversions performed from their Windows network including mail servers and much more via the Technalign partner network. Technalign has also announced partnerships with Automatix, Linux Canada, Happy Jack Calendaring, Bynari, and others. Current projects include VoIPTelCaster, IP Phone System, and Pioneer Electricity, a cross-platform compatibility project. Technalign is also involved in the Indiana Computer 1:1 Program project, where School Corporations in Indiana are to use earmarked grant money to acquire low cost computer access on a one to one basis for each student. Wintergreen Systems has selected Pioneer to be included with its $199 school systems and its $199 offering with