Felton to be freed from digital chains in Lindependence 2008 event

Lindependence 2008 is a project initiated by HeliOS Solutions West to introduce the concept of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to the people of Felton through meetings and 'installfests' throughout July. Those who wish to participate in the project will be asked to go 'Microsoft-free' for a week at the end of July. The event aims to show people that they have a choice and that FOSS provides advantages such as freedom, lower cost, and enhanced security. The people of Felton are invited to use one of a variety of distributions, or 'distros', of Linux, also called GNU/Linux, and FOSS programs like Crossover Office and OpenOffice will be introduced and available to the public. Meeting/Installfest dates and sites are currently being finalized and will be announced through the media and direct mail to Felton residents.